The Future of Online Donation

PLDGR, pronounced as /pledger/, is committed in helping those who help others. By combining the traceability and efficiency of Blockchain, and leveraging the network effects of Social Media, we aim to significantly improve, yet simplify the process of online charitable giving.

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Online Charitable Giving Today

The industry is clearly in need of a major upgrade. People who are interested in donating to help global disasters or simply to reach out to those in need often find the traditional process of online donation tedious and unappealing. With the surge of online content every minute, people often get confused on which charity or cause to donate to; and even when they finally decide, they find it difficult to do so.

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Latest News

Primary Features of PLDGR Platform

Social Media Integration

PLDGR platform will enable Non-Profit Organizations to fully utilize their Social Media channels in spreading awareness about charity events, and identifying potential donors. This is done through a proprietary Hashtag and Trend Monitoring System that will be implemented in the platform.

Traceability & Accountability

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the PLDGR platform helps social organisations to run projects transparently, using a Distributed Ledger and Smart Contracts to ensure their impact is independently verified and accessible to everyone.

360 Feedback Mechanism

The PLDGR platform ensures that all donated funds are successfully distributed and allocated to the intended recipients. Aside from utilizing our ERC20 token, DN8, to track fund movements, the platform will also require Non-Profit Organizations to submit multimedia reports before 100% withdrawal of the donated funds is allowed.

Token Sale’s DN8 token is an ERC20 token created to perform all transactions within the platform. A maximum of 450,000,000 tokens will be created and distributed.

  • 0 Pre-Sale
  • 1,500 ETH Soft Cap
Symbol DN8
Total Supply 450,000,000 DN8
Tokens For Sale: 200,000,000 DN8(45%)
Hard Cap 10,000 ETH
Soft Cap 1,500 ETH
Price 1 ETH = 20,000 DN8
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NOV 2018

Token Pre-sale

DEC 2018

ICO & Exchange Listing

Q1 2019

Beta release of PLDGR Fundraiser and Donation Platform and integration to Social Media sites

Q2 2019

Production release of PLDGR Fundraiser and Donation Platform, including built-in wallet, and API access

Q3 2019

Development of Mobile App Wallet for DN8 token

Q4 2019

Development of simple coin exchange platform

Q1 2020

Development of PLDGR social network for both donors and NGOs

Token Allocation

  • Founding Team10%
  • Bounty Program5%
  • Advisors & Early Backers5%
  • Reserved Pool35%
450 M
DN8 Tokens
  • 45% Crowdsale

Proceeds from the token sale will be distributed as follows:

  • 50%   Platform Development
  • 25%   Strategic Partners & Business Development
  • 15%   Marketing
  • 10%   Reserve Funds


Francis Llena

Co-Founder of, and CEO of PLXR Media, a registered technology company in the Philippines with multiple projects within the private and public sectors.

Muhammad Asbir II

Co-Founder of and CTO of PLXR Media. In-house Blockchain and Ethereum Solidity expert.

Vic Somoza

Community Manager - Nonprofit

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